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Friday, 2 October 2009 06:05:38 GMT

Socal Lighting - High Quality Lights

Sunrise Lighting

Our Rope Lighting is all commercial grade, and offered at unbeatable value and price! We now offer LED Rope Lighting, which runs on a fraction of the electricity consumed by traditional rope lighting and lasts much, much longer! We offer the best prices on commercial grade LED rope lighting out there!

Sunrise Lights Energy Saving Led

Sunrise Lights Energy Saving Led "I just recieved my copper wall lights, and am amazed with the workmanship. They match well with the nearby bricks and overall landscape of our backyard, and can't wait to watch them petina."

Gloria Martinez
Medford, Massachusetts

Socal Lights Fluorescent Fixtures

"The recessed trims look great and saved me a lot of money in regards to my home remodeling."

Leslie Lutz
Westover, Maryland

Socal Lighting
"My raw copper landscape lights look great, and they were easy to set up to my standard line voltage system. Absolutely love 'em!"

Charles Edwards
Irving, Texas

Sonrise Lighting LIGHT BULBS

"I appreciate you guys for sending out the housings for my recessed step lights first so my contractor could get the work done while you made my copper covers. Everything came out great!"

Tim Young
Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Socal Lights Fluorescent Fixtures
"Socal Lighting was very helpful in selecting what style of their model # SRA-750CB Area lights would work for me. After I expressed concerned with the energy consumption these lights would need, Michael pointed me towards the LED option. Instead of using 520 watts of energy for my 26 area lights, which I leave on at least 8-9 hours a night, I'm now only using something like 40 watts, and they're bright as heck! Considering the high energy bills we experience here in Chicago area, these babies are quickly paying for themselves and I never have to worry about changing them every 3 months like I would with standard bulbs. I can't thank you enough!

Bob Singleton
Arlington Heights, Illinois

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Sunrise Lighting, Sunrise Lights, Socal Lighting, Socal Lights, Sonrise Lighting, Sonrise Lights